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Experiencing a sudden car malfunction is stressful. If you don’t know what’s wrong with your truck, RV, or automobile, we do after we investigate the situation. Call our emergency mechanics for emergency assistance. We can fix a wide range of failures for fair prices. Just tell us what your vehicle has, and we will be right there. Our professional towing service provider offers to help both residential and commercial customers. We are waiting for your phone calls.

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Emergency Truck and Trailer Repair

The last thing a driver wants is to experience a car malfunction on the road. Whether it is a flat tire, dead battery, or engine failure, Emergency Truck and Trailer Repair will do our best to get you back on the road in no time. We are a team of experienced mechanics offering emergency roadside assistance in Arabi, GA. Along with that, we have the tools and equipment to deliver emergency mobile repair work and towing services. Whether your vehicle has a malfunction or you have been involved in a car crash, call us for quick towing. We do truck and RV repair as well.

Why choose us?

Although our business was only established in 2018, our team has been in the mobile auto repair and towing industry for 37 years now. Through the years of service, we have learned to implement new and effective techniques for engine repair bringing the desired result. Due to our desire to learn, today, we pride ourselves on the dependable services we present to our clients. Our company is licensed, insured, and bonded, and our technicians offer warranties depending on the job.

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Have you experienced a flat tire in the middle of nowhere? Are you unsure of how to work with a lug wrench, jack, and other tools? Set your mind at ease and give Emergency Truck and Trailer Repair a call. Our mobile auto repair technicians will come to you as quickly as possible. We provide very affordable repair and towing services that will save you time and money. You can contact our experts for free quotes and discounts too.

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What we Offer ?

Whether you drive your vehicle every day or only from time to time, chances are the engine will eventually fail. When that happens, and you are out on the road, things can get out of control. Whatever failures your vehicle experiences, Emergency Truck and Trailer Repair has you covered. For your convenience, we have briefly explained the services we offer.

Mobile Auto Mechanic Services

Our mobile technicians work wherever breakdowns occur. This is the definition of “mobile auto repair.” We are trained and qualified to fix whatever is wrong with your automobile at normal rates. With us, you can have the assurance that you will get help as long as you are within the proximity of our service area.

Roadside Assistance

This is another term that people associate with roadside occurrences. When your car battery dies, you have a flat tire, or you have locked the keys inside your vehicle, obviously, you can’t continue your trip. Call our professional company to assist you with quick inspections and fixes.

Towing Services

Our towing company only invests in high-quality and efficient vehicles and equipment to provide all our customers with swift towing service. Flatbed trucks, hooks, chains, and wheel lifts – we know them all. Turn to our specialists to tow your damaged car to our repair shop for a more in-depth check-up and repair.

Other Services

Tires are in constant contact with the pavement. Therefore, they are subject to wear and tear. You can contact Emergency Truck and Trailer Repair for quality evaluations and tire repairs. We can determine whether your tires are repairable or not. We can check the air pressure and look for any damage. You can also contact our experts for truck and RV repair work.

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